Criminal Defense in Texas

Located in San Antonio, our practice is dedicated exclusively to representing people who are accused of crimes in South Texas. We serve a broad spectrum of needs, protecting the rights and freedom of people facing both felony and misdemeanor charges in state and federal courts, including the charges listed below:

  • DWI: In Texas, most DWI arrests begin with a traffic stop. The police pull over a car because they suspect that the driver was drinking or because they notice something else wrong. When we handle drunk driving cases, we examine every element. We may be able to have charges dropped or reduced to a lesser offense if we discover that the police acted illegally in your case.

  • Assault or family violence: We represent clients in a broad range of violent offenses, including assault, aggravated assault and violent crimes against family members. Many of the cases we handle involve allegedly illegal possession of weapons.

  • Drug crimes: We handle felony and misdemeanor drug offenses related to many different types of drugs: marijuana, cocaine and crack, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, heroin and LSD.

  • Expunctions and non-disclosures: If your criminal record is holding you back, it may be possible to take action to have the record cleansed. After an expunction or non-disclosure, background checks by potential landlords, employers or by others will show a criminal history free of convictions for certain crimes.

  • Sex crimes: Sex crimes are some of the most serious offenses because of the stigma that surrounds them. Many people assume that the accused is guilty of the crime just because he or she faces allegations.

  • Theft: From shoplifting to embezzlement, we handle a range of felony and misdemeanor theft crimes in state and federal courts throughout South Texas.

  • Weapons charges: We handle these serious matters by using extensive knowledge, skill, experience and resources to protect your rights and your freedom in state and federal courts. If a weapon is involved in the commission of a crime, the crime is often charged as an aggravated offense.

  • Probation violations: If you have been accused of violating probation by having a dirty UA (testing positive for drug or alcohol use), failing to make specified payments, failing to attend classes, get a job or for another reason, our law firm can help protect your interests.

  • White collar crime: We represent people accused of many different white collar crimes, including embezzlement, money laundering, employer theft, check fraud and credit card fraud.